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Mineral water and Momin Prohod

Hotel Neven - Momin prohod

Mineral water and Momin Prohod

Among all SPA resorts in Bulgaria, Momin Prohod SPA resort holds one of the best places. It is well known with its incredible air and mineral water. Mineral water well known for long time as a remedy for wide variety of conditions - on respiratory system like Bronchitis asthma, conditions on the digestive tract, nervous system, skin conditions etc. .

The SPA resort is located 530 m above sea level in passage formed by the southern branches of Ihtiman's Sredna gora mountain, under mount Eledjick. It is also 3 km north from Kostenetz's train station, along Sofia - Plovdiv highway. It is now a district of city of Kostenetz. South from the resort is Rila - Rodopa mountain massiveness covered with oak and pine forests. Through the resort flows river "Maty vir", a river Maritza's branch. There are many convenient transformational connections - both trains and busses.

The SPA resort is well known from Thracian - Roman age. Within the Ottoman empire's (nowadays country of Turkey) archives it is described as Solurdervent i.e. Water passage or The Passage of waters because of its abundance of mineral water. There are many legends about its name. According to some it is related to the name Momina Klisura and with the fact that it is so well naturally built that it can be defended by young women (Momin - young woman's) . According to other legends - these young women are actually nymphs; guardians of the mineral springs.

After the fall of the Roman empire active utilization of mineral spring was deserted. Many mineral spring including those in Momin prohod were covered by soil and debris. Only during the Ottoman empire (nowadays country of Turkey) period they were recovered as a remedies as well as for domestic utilization. After Bulgaria's liberation from the Ottoman empire they were abandoned again for several decades. Modern drilling and utilization had started during 1925-1926. New modern mineral bath was built in 1933.

Health Therapy - SPA complexes were built after 1948.
Health Therapy - SPA treatment in  Momin prohod is a complex method based on the physical and chemical properties of the mineral water and on the local climate. Climate in Momin Prohod SPA resort is modern continental with hot summer. Small winds prevent from getting too hot. Average temperature variation for 24 hours is 14-15° С. Winter is relatively mild so is the fall. The transition between  different seasons is mild and steady. Rain falls are on the average scale for the country. Fogs are rear occasions. All these factors define the climate as an important element in illnesses treatment and overall health restoration.

Mineral water in Momin Prohod comes from about 1500 m depth with an average volume of 920 l/min. With respect to its chemical properties it is characterized as hypothermal with 65° С., moderately mineralized, sulphate-hydrocarbonate, sodium, fluorite, silicate water, clear, odorless, with pleasant taste. It can be compared with other SPA resorts in Bulgaria ; Bania in Panagurishte's region, Briastovo in Haskovo's region, Lakatnick in Vratza's region  and Pchelin in Ihtiman's region.

According to the gathered experience Momin Prohod SPA resort is best for treatment of the following conditions:

1. Illnesses of Musculoskeletal system : arthritis and  polyarthritus, spinal illnesses, illnesses of the bones, muscles and tendons, rheumatic polyarthritus, infectious polyarthritus, conditions after rheumatism, toxic and professional related bone and tendons illnesses, conditions after trauma, vibration sickness.

2. Illnesses of the respiratory system:  bronchitis, infectious, allergic or mixed, restoration after bronchial pneumonia, chronic bronchitis.

3. Wide variety of allergies.

4. Illnesses of Digestive tract.

5. Metabolic conditions - diabetes in early or middle stage, obesity.

6. Illnesses of nervous system.

7. Gynecology related illness

8. Skin conditions: psoriasis in a mild stage,.

9. Common prophylactic – overall organism strengthening.

Treatment with mineral water in Momin Prohod accelerates all organism restoration processes, as well as its antiseptic processes.

Recent studies proved scientific prognosis that mineral water has favorable effect on immune system as well as strengthening organism against harmful rays.

Hotel Neven - Momin prohod
Hotel Neven - Momin prohod
Hotel Neven - Momin prohod
Hotel Neven - Momin prohod